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Location: Supermarket
Rubble Piles: 1
Locks: 2
Barred Doors: ?
Traders: ?
Enemies: 1-3

The Supermarket is a Location in This War Of Mine which tends to have high amounts of everything, because it is a very large building. There are one or more hiding places on all floors except the roof top and the cargo container in the back.


If the first event is active, the description will read: "This supermarket is located in the area remaining under military control, but people are still trying to scavenge it for supplies. We can expect to meet other scavengers there, so it's probably best not to get in their way. Some doors might still be locked, a crowbar could come in handy."

If the second is active, it will read: "This store supplied the whole neighborhood before the latter turned into a war zone. Since the area is under military control, it might be dangerous to do the groceries there. Still, it might be worth the risk as there should be a lot of goods left"

Loot Information

Supermarket Events

There are two events that can happen in the Supermarket on the first visit (return visits may not have an event). The events are as follows:

  1. You come in and see 3 NPC Scavengers, all armed with guns. They won't harm you unless you are armed or attack them first. They also pick up a lot of things from the stashes on the floor, and will take your tools if you leave them in the stash they have not searched yet(took my crowbar). If you go there with Pavle you can run to the places you want to grab before they get there, but it requires choosing the right floor. Basement seems most profitable.
  2. There is a soldier who is talking to a woman who is looking for food. The soldier offers her food for sexual favors, then attempts to rape her when she refuses. You can attack the soldier or wait until they go away. If you help the woman, your character and the rest of the survivors will gain happiness. If you let it happen, the Scavenger and the rest of the survivors will be saddened. Also if you come close to them when they are taking, woman will run away and soldier blames you and start shooting at you
    • if you have a knife you can kill the soldier easily and grab his gun with some ammo. If you hit the soldier with a crowbar or a shovel and cause sufficient harm, he will stop attacking you and start begging for his life, although this result does not seem to yield any significant morale loss/gain when compared with the killing scenarion. The next time you go to the Supermarket, a woman will tell you that the girl's family is grateful for your help. If you did not pick up the soldier's items, it will be gone.