Our Shelter

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This is our base. With the right materials it can provide protection, heat, and even food.

With the update 1.2, there is now two different shelter available in which we randomly start.


All shelters at start contain:

Depending on the start, they may also contain:

Clearing the House

For all starts, rubble and locked doors will block most of the building. By clearing and unlocking these obstacles, a clever survivor can gather a large stockpile of resources. It is recommended to build a Metal Workshop right from the start and build a crowbar to open locked doors. Do not use any lock pick you find, save them for scavenging. The loot you can find in your house ranges from building materials, to medicine, to food, to even weapons and ammunition. On winter starts, there will also be a large amount of fuel to power the simple heater available with chopping the wooden furniture with an axe.

Alternatively, you can clear what you can in the 1st day, then visit the Garage in your first night (in case you have it available), trade or steal to get a crowbar, a shovel (optionally) and a hatchet and then clear the rest of the house in the 2nd day.