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Name: Marko
Characteristics: Skilled Scavenger
Inventory Size: 15

One of the possible Survivors in This War Of Mine.


"I thought I'd been through hell before. I'm a fireman. I've entered blazing buildings to save lives more times than I care to remember. But back then I had people teamed up against a common foe namely the fire. Nowadays, your former neighbor can kill you because your grandparents spoke a different language than his. This is true hell on earth."

Marko's Story

The following text appears as entries in Marko's diary on varying days.

"Everyone should choose one happy memory. And it can't just be good, it has to be grand. When it gets so bad you just want to sit down and cry, when you life seems forfeit, you close your eyes and go back to your happy moment. It's not easy but you have to try."

"We were called to a tennant fire. I was still the new one on our team. We just started assembling the hoses, when a resident shouted that there was someone inside. I donned the mask, went in and carried out a young lady. Long story short, we got married soon after. Her name was Alina."

"We had two kids, two beautiful daughters. When the war started, she took them and moved to the country, to my mother. She wanted me to come but I'd never leave my team in times like these. We had a lot of fires to fight. Then, there were more fires than we could fight... and later on the team was no more. It turned out I couldn't leave the city."

"I've had no word from them for months now. There is no way to reach them, no phones, no mail, I've tried to give letters to strangers but haven't heard back. I'm starting to lose hope that I'll ever see my Alina and my daughters alive. And this slowly drives me crazy. I wish I could get my hands on whoever started this madness."


  • Skilled Scavenger
  • Gets happier when helping people.
  • Gets happier after killing thugs, bandits or soldiers.
  • Will get depressed if kills or steals from non-hostiles but he can quickly be cheered up from another character.


Inventory size: 15 Backpack Slots

End Game

The following text will appear when the game ends and Marko is alive.

"After the war, Marko managed to find his family, who managed to avoid the worst atrocities hidden away by a friendly country family. They came back to Pogoren along with other people. Everything was back to normal in the city. Buildings were rebuilt. Schools and shops reopened. Life went on. "

Alternate Ending

"After the war, Marko set out to find his family. The refugees from the city had been brutally persecuted. Alina and the girls survived, but what they went through scarred them forever. Marko never spoke of the horrors he'd witnessed, either. Would life ever be normal again? "

Worse Ending?

"After the war, Marko set out to find his family. The refugees from the city had been brutally persecuted. There was no trace of Alina or the girls. Marko hoped against the odds they did not end up in one of the many mass graves scouring the countryside. Would he ever see them again?"

The following text will appear when the game ends and Marko is dead.

"For all of his efforts Marko was rewarded with a shallow grave. Maybe his wife and daughters will find it someday, on condition that they managed to survive the persecutions themselves. "

If Marko leaves the shelter due to depression the following text will appear when the game ends and Marko is dead.

"Marko slipped out of the shelter one night, leaving no notes behind. He died, betrayed by a smuggler, while trying to reach his family."

The Survivors in This War Of Mine












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