Construction Site

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Construction Site
Location: Construction Site
Rubble Piles: 1
Locks: 2 or 3
Barred Doors: 1
Traders: none
Enemies: 2 or 3 (on first visit)

On the Construction Site there are two enemy soldiers on the top. One is sniping while the other assists. They will move back and forth from left to right wing.


Two soldiers sniping variant
"This abandoned construction site of a luxury residential area, which was to become the jewel of Pogoren, now serves the military snipers as a perfect vantage point, making it a dangerous place to visit. We could find some useful things there, left by the construction workers and rebels who held it for some time before they were driven out."

Two soldiers and a rebel variant
"It was supposed to be a luxurious residential area and there was great hype on apartments there, but the developers fled abroad when the war started. Recently, the military wrested control over this area from the rebels. We could scavenge whatever the rebels left behind, but there is a risk of countering military patrols."

Loot Information

  • Lots of Food
  • Huge amounts of Materials
  • Lots of Meds
  • Huge amounts of Weapons
  • Huge amount of Parts
  • Danger
  • Bring 1 Saw (bottom accessible only on 2nd night) and 1 Crowbar/lockpick.

Construction Site Events

The Construction Site contains a left and right wing of the soon-to-be luxurious residential apartment, with an elevator shaft separating the two wings. The layout changes after the first visit.

  1. On the first visit, the basement area is flooded and there is no way to get down. The upper part of the building will contain either:
    • two soldiers, one sniping while the other just stands behind them. They will move from the left to right wing as the scavenger reaches the floor below them and continue sniping.
    • two soldiers attacking a rebel soldier.
  2. On the second visit, all the soldiers are gone and the basement is no longer flooded. A grated door and two bodies can be found in the basement.

Construction Site Strategy

In the instance where there is a conflict between two soldiers and one rebel soldier, the soldiers will kill the rebel if you do not intervene; its possible to hide in the shadows watching... then they leave the site, (it's probable that the rebel will also be hostile to you even if you help him; by killing the enemy soldiers.) In the other instance, the two soldiers are sniping. The map layout changes slightly depending on each instance; but the scaffolding on the right side of the map seems to be a straight climb from top-to-bottom.

If you kill the two soldiers sniping, you can find a Scoped assaut rifle and a lot of ammunitions. To kill them, you can just hide and wait in the hiding place on the same floor than them. If you run, they will hear you and run to your hiding place. If you want to have time to hide you, you have to run as soon as you arrive on the location. You don't have to spend time by searching. You have to run as high as possible. You have to rise up to the same floor as them, then to go towards the right up to the hiding place. Especially, rise up to their floor, otherwise you cannot hide and they can kill you easily. They will hear you, and will come towards you, but they will have to go back up on the floor of the top to come towards you, what leaves the time you to hide. Then, you can kill the first one who run in front of you, and after hit the second with a knife, or shot him.

Killing these soldiers will make Roman, Zlata and Arica happy.