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In This War Of Mine, each of The Survivors begin with Character Traits.

List of character Traits and their descriptions

  • Bargaining Skills
    - When trading, the value of items offered by the character is increased by 20%.
  • Bolster Spirits
    - Can play guitar which makes others happier.
    - Can speed up healing from depression to sadness to normal.
  • Computer Specialist
  • - The Computer Specialist's only new advantage (after a recent update) is to craft two Thermo Regulator, Mixer & Heat Lamp for the price of one. It still takes one hour per item. So, without using more Electric Parts, the character creates double the amount of said items, but without saving any time.
  • Fast Runner
    - The character's speed when running is increased [by 20%]
  • Good Cook
    - Character requires less water and fuel to prepare Food.
    - Character requires one less Sugar and water to produce Moonshine.
    - Character requires only half medicine components to produce medicine.
  • Good Mathematician
    - Traps set by Good Mathematician significantly reduces time before trapping an animal. (Tested on Anton & Cveta First Day build)
    - Other advantages for this special trait are currently unknown
    - Observed/Theorized advantage: Takes less time/less ingredients involving herbology, mixology, and medicine. (Unconfirmed)
    - Lose less ammo in defends shelter.
  • Good Woodchopper
    - Chop up furniture faster and get more materials.
  • Handyman
    - Character requires 20% less materials to build items.
    - Character requires 20% less weapon parts to make weapons
  • Loves Children
    - When speaking to begging children, they will ask for half as much as usual (ie, 1 medicine and/or 1 food can instead of 2)
    - Observed advantage: Gains/loses more morale for actions involving children, such as the siblings who come begging for medicine. (confirmed)
    - Observed a party-wide 'Content' morale buff when completing said quest.
  • Skilled Scavenger
    - Character's bag space is increased to 15 slots.
    - Character loots objects faster.
    - Character finds more materials from loot piles. (Confirmed)
  • Sneaks Quietly
    - Does not make any noises when sneaking and turns sprinting into sneak noise.
    - Using tools does much less noise.
    Note: Enemies within line of sight can still see you.
  • Strong But Slow
    - Character's bag space is increased to 17 slots, resulting in slower movement speed. (also his foot was crushed and not properly healed which is why he moves slower)
    - (Observed) Boris taking a sniper shot once, and walking away. Second shot put him in "wounded", which became "slightly wounded" by the time he got back to the shelter in the morning. (Bulletproof Boris?)
    - Also, Boris went to scavenge in "wounded" state, using only one bandage. When he returned, he was healed!
  • Talented Lawyer
    - Character becomes very likely to view things very objectively, removing most negative morale effects and thus lessening the chances of depression. Character is still affected by the death of other characters, but less.
    - Character seems to be able to use the bed even when not Tired, Wounded or Sick.
  • Trained In Combat
    - Gives 20% boost to all attacks.
    - 1 hit kill from stealth attacks.
    - Will beat other Characters when depressed.