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Name: Boris
Characteristics: Strong But Slow
Inventory Size: 17
Weaknesses: Smoker

One of the possible Survivors in This War Of Mine.



"I'm not big with words. I'm just a regular guy. I used to stack stuff on the night shift at a warehouse, by hand mostly. It was tough work but I was always strong, even when I was a kid. Now this place is gone, shelled to hell, and so is my house. My foot was crushed under the rubble. It has healed, but it's still a bit stiff, so I can't run very fast. But I can carry more than anyone I know."

Boris' Story

"I had a beautiful girlfriend, Ana. We had a kid. A wonderful son. Luka was just like me, he was only seven and already stronger than all the other kids. I bet he would've grown up to become a great weight lifter, as I always wanted to be. If I had saved him."

"When we were hiding in the basement, after they hit our house, we quickly ran out of food and had very little water. I could not move much because of my foot, and Ana saved us both. She was a great mother, a real hero. Ana used to go out at night and she was bringing us everything we needed."

"One day Luka fell ill with the runs, turned out he'd drunk water from a puddle. "I'm sorry daddy. I ate peanuts and I was terribly thirsty." Salted peanuts. This is not proper food for a child. Soon, he was getting weaker by the hour. Ana said she'd get him meds. She must've felt guilty for she didn't bother to wait for the sunset before she went out."


Seems to win a melee 1v1 confrontation rather easily, he is capable of overpowering a soldier in close combat with military vest unscratched. His downside is that any murder will make him sad (killing a civilian will make him depressed rightaway, so it's not recommended).


Inventory size: 17 Backpack Slots

End Game

The following text will appear when the game ends and Boris is alive.

"Boris won over everything that war threw at him and used his grit and strength to help others rebuild their lives. The memory of Ana's sacrifice and Luka's faith supported him till the end of his days"

Alternate Ending (Boris survives sad or worse)

1. "Boris managed to see the end of the war and tried to put his life back together, mostly to no avail. The memory of his son's and girlfriend's fate haunted him till the end of his days."

2. "While Boris survived the war, he grow increasingly hateful towards others and spent several years on futile search for the sniper who shot Ana. He died from the injuries suffered in drunken altercation with a man he accused of being her killer."

The following text will appear when the game ends and Boris is dead.

The Survivors in This War Of Mine